NEW ZEALAND 7/10 stars Read the review
AUSTRALIA 6/10 stars Read the review
JAPAN 7/10 stars Read the review
SINGAPORE 6/10 stars Read the review
HONG KONG / CHINA 4/10 stars Read the review
INDIA 3/10 stars Read the review
RUSSIA 2/10 stars Read the review
NIGERIA 1/10 stars Read the review

“What is it that has given some countries a higher view of human life?”

“What do we mean when we say ‘American Exceptionalism?’”

“Is America past her prime? Should the Statue of Liberty be relocated to Sweden or Switzerland or Japan?” Read more
“One immediately understands why so many Americans are moving to New Zealand. The country is breathtaking. Surely, this really was Hobbiton and we really were in the Shire. But, alas, no.” Read more
“This project is about understanding what factors contribute to a given society’s backwardness and ruin or its freedom and prosperity.” Read more
What do you order for lunch with the leader of the modern Animal Rights movement? Kangaroo. Read more

What’s the key component that’s missing from Japanese culture? Grace.

Going to church in China? Hand over your passport.

“14% of the world’s population would like to migrate permanently to another country. Of that number, a whopping 21%—or 147 million people—would like to move to the US.” Read more
“Japan emerged from the ashes to become not only a great democracy, but a great ally. How did that happen?” Read more
1941: “There’s a connection between Emperor-worshipping Japan and kamikazes.” Today: “There’s no connection between Islam and terrorism.” Read more


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