2016 in 60 Seconds

2016 did not start well for us.  I was less than two months removed from a traumatic, life-threatening accident and my working future was in doubt.  That I would work was not a question.  I was determined to do that.  But there was some question about what my day-to-day working life would look like.

That was then.  This is now.

2016 turned out to be enormously fruitful.  Whether it was a book, an article, the Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics, an event at home or abroad, the Lord blessed this year in ways I simply could not have anticipated.  Rather than offering you an inventory of what we did this year, I give something much better and a great deal more efficient: Our 2016 Rewind in 60 Seconds.

I think you will enjoy this.  As you watch it, please consider contributing to our work.  You can do so here.