God, Freedom, and the American Dream: The C.L. Bryant Story

Some years ago it was my privilege to speak at conference alongside two notable men.  The first was, though I did not then know it, a future presidential candidate.  That man was Ben Carson.  The second was a man I had the misfortune of following onto the stage.  He was C.L. Bryant.  Only moments into his talk I was ready to stand on the table and say, “O’ Captain, my Captain!”  He was absolutely electrifying.

C.L.’s story is fascinating.  An African-American, he is a former chairman of the NAACP in Garland, Texas.  I stress former chairman.  C.L. left the NAACP over the issue of abortion.  He decided that he was, in fact, a conservative evangelical Christian and a hard core Republican.  In 2012, C.L.  produced and released the independent film documentary, Runaway Slave, “a movie about the race to free the Black community from the slavery of tyranny and progressive policies.”

In childhood, C.L. experienced real racism, yet he is a firm believer in the American Dream.  He is the a senior fellow of Freedom Works in Washington D.C. and radio host and has been outspoken in his criticism of  Al Sharpton, Obama, and the American Left in both of these roles.

C.L. is going to share his story with us at a one-night-only event in Mountain Brook at 6:30 pm on Thursday December 8th.  Seats are very limited (75) to this intimate event.  Cost is $25 per person.  You can reserve here.

You won’t want to miss it.  Trust me.  C.L. Bryant is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard.