Woman in grief sculpture

Feminism's Damning Silence On Miscarriage

How do you handle grief over a miscarriage when the ideology you’ve bought into tells you that you’ve lost nothing more than a clump of cells? Leslie Loftis explores this in her article “Miscarrying While Feminist” in The Federalist: …the essential pretense of abortion, that a fetus has no humanity, has been an established understanding … Read more


Greater Love

The Shanghaiist reports that the 26 year-old Chinese TV host, Qiu Yuanyuan, has died after she refused chemo in order to save the life of her unborn child, who was born by C-section in late September. In the wake of her courageous act, her husband, Zhang Qixuan, said that Qiu Yuanyuan “knew nothing could be … Read more

Baby Zion

10 Days of Life

As The Blaze reports, Robbyn and her husband Josh, a pastor, were told about 20 weeks into their pregnancy that their child had trisomy 18, a genetic disorder also known as Edwards Syndrome. Doctors informed them that their baby would likely either die before being born or very soon after birth, and that the diagnosis … Read more

It's a girl

Common Ground… Or Not

Sital Kalantry begins this sad Slate article by noting that, “Pro-choice groups love [the film It’s a Girl]. Its director worked for a pro-life ministry. How did that happen?” The unfortunate assumption underlying that sentence (and the article’s title, “It’s a Trick”) is that pro-lifers and pro-choicers cannot possibly find any common ground in a debate over abortion. Despite … Read more

Baby Boxes

Here’s an interesting Boston Review article written in general support of the notion of “baby boxes” or “safe surrender sites” – places where parents may anonymously abandon unwanted infants. Defenders of the practice maintain that these sites are important for reducing infanticide and illegal abandonment, but the practice has still come under scrutiny, particularly from … Read more