Tim Cook

Tim Cook Doesn’t Care About Diversity, Let Alone Religious Freedom

This article was originally published in The Daily Caller. Recently I was asked to speak to a civic organization on the topic of diversity. Diversity, in the current vernacular anyway, is one of those words that defies a simple definition. I was looking over my notes beforehand in Starbucks trying to think of concrete examples … Read more

The Bitten Apple

Despite our post yesterday considering the significance of death, it seemed worth revisiting today in light of the announcement that tech industry giant Steve Jobs died last night of pancreatic cancer (we pray for his family’s comfort). As we discussed previously, Jobs did much to shape modern society – indeed, few men could claim to have similarly impacted their world … Read more

A World Without Jobs

Here’s a thoughtful piece from Andy Crouch examining Steve Jobs, Apple, and what he calls “the gospel of a secular age.” That Apple has a broad and fiercely loyal fan-base isn’t new information, but Crouch’s reflections on why Apple has this base provide reason for pause. Could it really be that people find sleek, new devices a welcome distraction … Read more