Public Shaming & the Collective Soul

NPR recently reviewed Jon Ronson’s latest book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – a close study of lives wrecked by the unforgiving social media herd. In today’s world, a small misstep or off-hand remark could invoke a public relations nightmare, thanks to an always-on population where snap judgements are commonplace and cable news networks parse … Read more

Tim Cook

Tim Cook Doesn’t Care About Diversity, Let Alone Religious Freedom

This article was originally published in The Daily Caller. Recently I was asked to speak to a civic organization on the topic of diversity. Diversity, in the current vernacular anyway, is one of those words that defies a simple definition. I was looking over my notes beforehand in Starbucks trying to think of concrete examples … Read more

Tower on a Hill

Barbarians at the Gates: Indiana, RFRA & the Assault on Religious Liberty

Updated 4/1/15 – As the ridiculous national debate over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) rages on – a debate made all the more ridiculous by the fact that nearly identical laws exist at both the federal level and in nearly half of all States (and are arguably mandated by the First Amendment) – we … Read more