Proceed with Caution

Last week, Roger Scruton wrote a very interesting piece for the New York Times on the cultural dynamics of “pessimism.” Though his vocabulary might be somewhat imprecise (is he really speaking of an optimism/pessimism divide?), Scruton does an excellent job of highlighting a persistent feature of Western social change: naysayers are often pushed out of cultural dialogue … Read more

Red neon globe

Was Jesus a Commie?

Here’s an interesting article from the Huffington Post looking at Matthew Modine’s short film “Jesus was a Communist.” Though Modine himself is no Christian, he nonetheless is expressing a sentiment that continues to find support among theologically inept churchgoers who have allied themselves with some form of neo-socialism (looking to passages like Acts 5 for support). While we … Read more

Marxism (Unconvincingly) Defended

Are Marxism and religion compatible? Religion Dispatches recently posted Theo Hobson’s engaging review of Terry Eagleton’s latest book, Why Marx was Right. Despite the internal debate taking place throughout the article (Hobson [a Marxist] deriding Eagleton [a Marxist] for not properly advocating his worldview [Marxism]), Hobson does manage to raise some questions of more general significance. Foremost among … Read more