Amy Schumer

Be it from the Left or the Right, Hate is Still Hate

Prior to this election cycle I had never heard of stand-up comedienne Amy Schumer.  No doubt she is very funny, and I simply don’t watch the shows or movies in which she appears.  But these days she is a minor public celebrity.  From what I can gather, Schumer’s act is Rosie O’Donnell-esque and she enjoys, … Read more

Sufjan Stevens

"No Such Thing as Christian Music"

David Roark’s recent profile of eclectic singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens in The Atlantic opens up an interesting discussion about faith and art: what is “Christian music,” anyway, and where did the label come from?  Stevens, both a Christian and musician, believes there’s no such thing. “Christian music (as a genre) exists exclusively within the few insulated … Read more