Why Islamism is Winning

Here is an interesting article exploring the intellectual foundations of the “Arab Spring” and why they are tending to lead (through fair elections) towards Islamism and not away from it. Many Western commentators are boggled by this development, particularly after the wholesale – and thoroughly Western – optimism that democracy would liberalize the Middle East. As we suggested here back in … Read more

The World Turned Upside Down

Polls suggest that a growing number of Americans and Britons are pessimistic about the future.  The breakdown of the family, declining educational standards and results, ballooning government, environmental concerns, rising crime rates and so on, are all cited as reasons for the lack of optimism.  Nevertheless, identifying the source of this angst proves much more … Read more

Honour Killings Term Angers Trudeau

This article from the Toronto Sun looks at the debate about how the practice of honor killings should be described by the Canadian immigration guide. Should the description of honor killings be “barbaric” (as it is currently phrased), or “absolutely unacceptable.”  Some think the latter. We have only one question: what is gained (or lost) by changing the wording?