The Problem with Meaning

In the New York Times, David Brooks writes about the spiritual and intellectual poverty of “meaning.” This is Brooks at his best: contrasting the rich, traditional understanding of a truly great life with its flabby contemporary counterpart. He calls this disparity “the product of a culture that has grown inarticulate about inner life” – a … Read more

Male or Female

Male or Female… or Other?

Here is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald documenting the NSW Court of Appeal’s recent decision to legally recognize “non-specific” gender identification; in other words, the court has decided that Australia (or at least New South Wales) should allow individuals to buck the traditional labels of “male” or “female,” if they so choose. This … Read more

What's in a Name?

Sometimes we believe and perpetuate myths. It happens. Sometimes people do this intentionally – often for political reasons. But rarely do people so openly and maliciously perpetuate a myth as Laura Miller does in her recent Salon book review, where she accuses historical Christianity of fabricating myths of persecution under Roman rule. Undoubtedly certain aspects … Read more

Today's Iconoclasts

Jefferson Bethke recently started a firestorm with his Youtube video, “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” (which has over 18 million views), and since that time, many people have taken the time to respond to his specific claims either positively or negatively. One of the better responses came from Kevin DeYoung at the Gospel Coalition, which sparked … Read more

Language is Power

Melanie Phillips has an insightful article out right now about how cultural agendas are being enforced by the policing of language. In a world where truth is increasingly elusive – and hence the meaning of words seems far more malleable than absolute – vocabulary has become an increasingly important cultural and political battlefield. The ability to “name” … Read more