Jesus Letters

Untenable Doubts

When it comes to Jesus and Christianity, skeptics certainly abound – and some frame their doubts in more civil and rational ways than others. This Salon article, unfortunately, is a sad example of what passes as credible scholarship these days – simply because it supports a blatant anti-Christian agenda. (On a related note, we’ve hosted a … Read more


The Ark, the Flood, & the Scholars

Irving Finkel, though you wouldn’t guess it from his Noahic appearance and austere academic title (the British Museum’s Assistant Keeper of the Middle East, curator of the world’s largest collection of Mesopotamian cuneiform clay tablets), is a compelling writer, and this piece is more interesting than the silly accompanying picture would suggest. Not many people, … Read more

Manuscript Discovery

You might remember the recent headlines about the newly discovered ancient manuscript mentioning “Jesus’ wife” that had journalists in such a tizzy. Always looking for a good story, archeological finds that have even a possible hint of upsetting the traditional order are sure to find their way into the media limelight. Stories like this one, … Read more