Sgt. Pepper

Why J.R.R. Tolkien Nixed a Beatles Lord of the Rings

Yes, it’s true: back in the ’60s, The Beatles approached J.R.R. Tolkien about making their own film version of The Lord of the Rings, starring themselves and directed by none other than Stanley Kubrick: According to Peter Jackson, who knows a little something about making Lord of the Rings movies, John Lennon was the Beatle … Read more

Sufjan Stevens

"No Such Thing as Christian Music"

David Roark’s recent profile of eclectic singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens in The Atlantic opens up an interesting discussion about faith and art: what is “Christian music,” anyway, and where did the label come from?  Stevens, both a Christian and musician, believes there’s no such thing. “Christian music (as a genre) exists exclusively within the few insulated … Read more