Around the World in 80 Days, Day 9: Australia, Where Dads Are “Too Political”

Our last day in Auckland, New Zealand started with a bit of bad news: China, one of the countries we planned to visit on our global tour, was refusing to grant me a visa unless I signed a document promising not to write about the country.  Apparently, they expected a bad review.  I can’t imagine … Read more

Question mark

Questions & Answers: The Next Generation of Atheists

I received this letter from a reader of my article “Ye of Brittle Faith” in this month’s issue of First Things: Letter to Larry Alex Taunton regarding “Ye of Brittle Faith” I read with interest the article by Larry Alex Taunton entitled “Ye of Brittle Faith” (February). Although I am a follower of Jesus Christ I … Read more


You’ve probably noticed that recent weeks have featured extensive ethical discussions of abortion, women’s rights, etc. The most compelling of these discussions, though, often centers around infant disability. High up in the clouds, philosophers and bio-ethicists like Peter Singer might argue on pure utilitarian grounds that disabled children should be aborted or even euthanized because … Read more

The Next Step

Here is a shocking – and yet, not so shocking – report from the Telegraph detailing a new bioethicist defense of infanticide. Taking a line right out of the pro-life book, Profs. Giubilini and Minerva of Melbourne University argue that the differences between a newborn child and a pre-birth fetus are merely semantic. They reach very different … Read more

Australia Debate

Our most recent debate featuring John Lennox and Peter Singer took place this week in Melbourne, Australia – Singer’s home-town. Described by one prominent evangelical as a “watershed moment for Christianity in Melbourne,” the debate was well-received by believers and non-believers alike.  This article, written just after the debate, gives a personal account of one attendee. For anyone … Read more