Kids biking

Spy Parents and More Creepy PC Side Effects

Political correctness continues its infectious spread, and its proponents continue to lobby for the coercive conformity of all dissenters. If this isn’t detrimental enough, their persistent outcries concerning their victimhood have served to cow authority at nearly every sphere of our society: corporate, academic, governmental, and beyond. An NFL player makes a racist or bigoted … Read more

Baseball Field

Victim Culture Is Wrecking Baseball

You don’t have to be a cultural commentator to see how political correctness is infecting our society. Jerry Seinfeld says it’s ruining comedy, Jonah Goldberg thinks that victimhood has become an actual virtue in our society, and now even baseball bows to political correctness. It’s apparent that R. J. Moeller is pretty worked up over it, … Read more

Mount Everest

Discrimination Isn't Always a Bad Thing

According to ABC, Nepal is considering banning the severely disabled and the elderly from climbing Everest. For obvious reasons. But because of more politically correct nonsense, the Nepal government is now having to defend its decision after accusations of discrimination. Yes, you read that right. Actually, it’s true: Nepal is discriminating, but discrimination isn’t always … Read more

I'm a Christian, but I'm not...

I'm a Christian, But I'm Not a BuzzFeed Christian

As Fixed Point’s executive director Larry Taunton says, “Christian apologetics doesn’t mean you go around apologizing for everything.” But if that was the definition of apologetics, BuzzFeed’s viral “I’m a Christian, But I’m Not…” video would be a model for apologists everywhere. They clearly missed the memo. BuzzFeed “Christians” would like to be Christians but … Read more

Heaven and clouds

"Heaven" …For a Secular Audience

What does “heaven” mean to the secular? In The Atlantic, Emma Green considers the question by looking at the new film 90 Minutes of Heaven. The film, she observes, depicts a heaven “palatable to a secular audience.” As you might imagine, this has its problems: The heaven of 90 Minutes is not secular in the sense that it’s totally unconnected from God … Read more