Woman in grief sculpture

Feminism's Damning Silence On Miscarriage

How do you handle grief over a miscarriage when the ideology you’ve bought into tells you that you’ve lost nothing more than a clump of cells? Leslie Loftis explores this in her article “Miscarrying While Feminist” in The Federalist: …the essential pretense of abortion, that a fetus has no humanity, has been an established understanding … Read more


Hashtag Heroics and the Short Life of Online Empathy

If our society progresses rapidly from one trend to another, online trends have an even shorter shelf-life. In The Washington Post, Caitlin Dewey makes the point in perhaps its most convicting form: online empathy just doesn’t last. Pointing at the Paris attacks, she considers the metrics for how briefly social media platforms actually focused on … Read more


A Skeptic Admits That Kids Need Spirituality

In New York Magazine, Lisa Miller admits that, even for the most complacent unbeliever (when “anything that smells like religion makes you squirm”), having kids changes things: This spiritual apathy nags at you… And a tiny voice inside you insists on wondering whether you shouldn’t be teaching your kids something about the importance of holiness. … Read more


Google Smothers the Search for Truth

In The Verge, Thomas Ricker gives a comical reflection on his increasing forgetfulness: Google’s making me dumb. He blames the search giant for its ready-made, easy-access answers to everything: “Why memorize anything when it’s so readily accessible?” His tech-dependent laziness might sound familiar – but is he right? In Salon, writer Ian Leslie probes the … Read more