Did God Create the Universe?

A few evenings ago, the Discovery channel premiered its new series “Curiosity” with an episode titled “Did God Create the Universe?” Featured in the episode is world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking, who recently made his own opinion on the matter clear in his book, “The Grand Design.” While Discovery seems to be stating its own position by … Read more

A professorial response to Stephen Hawking

After last week’s interview with Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist and his beliefs have once again become the subject of much discussion.  Hawking long remained outside of the fray of religious debates, but with his most recent book he has thrown in his lot with the New Atheists. Shortly after the publication of Hawking’s The Grand Design, Oxford mathematician … Read more

Stephen Hawking: 'There is no Heaven'

Earlier this week, world-renowned scientist and atheist Stephen Hawking answered a series of questions about purpose, beauty, and the afterlife in an exclusive interview with UK’s Guardian.  While the interview is admittedly short, Hawking’s answers raise some serious questions about what science has to offer in the realm of meaning and purpose. Interestingly enough, the writer of the … Read more