A Skeptic Admits That Kids Need Spirituality

In New York Magazine, Lisa Miller admits that, even for the most complacent unbeliever (when “anything that smells like religion makes you squirm”), having kids changes things: This spiritual apathy nags at you… And a tiny voice inside you insists on wondering whether you shouldn’t be teaching your kids something about the importance of holiness. … Read more

Neon Brain

Masculinity Crisis: Rewiring Boys' Brains

The Guardian unpacks the most recent work of Phillip Zimbardo, the Stanford psychologist most well-known for his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo has been studying some 20,000 young men and their excessive use of video gaming and pornography: “Now, with freely available pornography, which is unique in history, they are combining video games, and as … Read more


Is Religion Good for Children?

In Slate, Mark Joseph Stern challenges traditional wisdom about children being raised religious, making the case that religious children have a harder time distinguishing magic from reality than do secular children. What do you think of the studies he cites and the conclusions he reaches? How would you respond to Stern? Image Credit: bp6316

Spiral Clock

The Morning Effect

An intriguing study from the University of Utah found that as the day passes a person’s self-control wanes and their moral choices worsen. The researchers dubbed it “the morning effect” – the idea that “will power is a weak mental force that declines as the day goes on.” Stephanie Vozza writes on the study in … Read more