Smearing Lolo

Yesterday, Jeré Longman of The New York Times wrote a piece on American Olympic hurdler Lori “Lolo” Jones that has garnered quite a bit of attention. Very critical in tone, Longman falls barely short of accusing Jones of being a prostitute and a charlatan, selling her body for money since she’s really not that talented. … Read more

The Tebow Effect

Since our Tim Tebow article went live in USA Today on December 2nd, it has been recommended on Facebook over 37,000 times, received hundreds of comments, been tweeted over 2,000 times, and generated an energetic live discussion. More than that, Rush Limbaugh read the full text of the article to his audience of nearly fifteen million. In other words, the article … Read more

The Anti-Tebow Bias Isn’t About Football

This column was originally published in USA TODAY. How often do self-righteous football commentators have occasion to lament the behavior of modern players: Chad Johnson’s reality show and “Ocho-Cinco” publicity stunt; Adam “Pac-Man” Jones’ nightclub incidents; Michael Vick’s dog-fighting hobby; and the never-ending soap opera that is Brett Favre. The modern athlete is, they say, selfish, … Read more