The Anti-Tebow Bias Isn’t About Football

This column was originally published in USA TODAY. How often do self-righteous football commentators have occasion to lament the behavior of modern players: Chad Johnson’s reality show and “Ocho-Cinco” publicity stunt; Adam “Pac-Man” Jones’ nightclub incidents; Michael Vick’s dog-fighting hobby; and the never-ending soap opera that is Brett Favre. The modern athlete is, they say, selfish, … Read more

Missed Extra Point a Missed Opportunity?

On Saturday afternoon you probably missed the college football game between Syracuse and Toledo.  This was something less—much less—than a marquee matchup, but what transpired on the field deserves your attention.  In a tight game, Syracuse scored a touchdown and kicked the obligatory extra point.  The referees positioned beneath the crossbar stepped forward and held their … Read more

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The Corruption of Unbelief

What would the world look like without Christianity?  Fixed Point’s own Larry Taunton joins Dan Merchant on “Live from Seattle” to discuss his upcoming book, The Grace Effect.  Recounting his own personal story of traveling to Ukraine to adopt ten-year-old Sasha, Taunton weaves a compelling narrative that demonstrates the culturally enriching power of Christianity. Duration: … Read more

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Is God Hiding?

Just before debating Princeton Bioethicist Peter Singer in Australia, Oxford Scientist John Lennox appeared on Melbourne Talk Radio with Fixed Point’s Executive Director, Larry Taunton. They discussed why someone would believe in God, what evidences there are for believing, and perhaps the hardest problem we face: the problem of evil. Duration: 12:01

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Is America a Christian Nation?

Since we are close upon fireworks and Independence Day celebrations, this is a good time to ask the question: Is America now—or has it ever been—a Christian nation? It is a contentious topic.  Just Google “Founding Fathers” and “Christian” (or some variant thereof) and you’ll get an idea of just how intense this debate really is. There … Read more