If Paul was a “Hebrew of Hebrews,” David Horowitz was a Lefty of Lefties

In the early days of NFL films, legendary Green Bay Packers’ coach Vince Lombardi stood on the sidelines with a look of frustration and bewilderment as he watched his team’s blundering play. In a moment that was more reflective of his mood than his greatness as a coach, the mic’d-up Lombardi famously shouted, “What the h*ll is going on out there?!”

Many of us might ask the same question about what is going on in America today. And if you’re in Birmingham, on Tuesday night, April 18th at 6:30 pm at the newly remodeled Thomas Jefferson Tower downtown, we will have the great David Horowitz with us to explain it. Watch me explain in 2 minutes why I am so intrigued by Horowitz:

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Image Credit: Flickr

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