Alt-Left Violence is Becoming Harder to Ignore

A couple of days ago Fox News asked to interview me on the culture of violence that is growing around the American cultural Left.  This article is the result.  The author is Elizabeth Llorente, a Fox News editor.

The shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., by a man authorities identify as a left-wing activist has drawn attention to a darker side of progressive America, especially to those groups that directly or indirectly advocate violence against their opponents.

The emergence of violence-prone individuals, such as Scalise’s shooter, and extremist progressive groups broadens the nation’s conversation about political violence to include liberals as well as conservatives, many of whom are often labeled as fascists by mainstream media and progressive leaders.

Many Republican leaders and conservative experts said the violence allegedly committed by James T. Hodgkinson, a volunteer on the presidential campaign of Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, was an outgrowth of hostility toward Trump and Republicans underscored by actions such as those of Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, Madonna and the Public Theater’s production of “Julius Caesar,” which portrayed Julius Caesar, who is assassinated in the play.

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