Is America Worth Saving? (The Christian Post)

In case you missed it, read Larry’s latest article published in The Christian Post: One side wants to burn America to the ground Ferguson-style; the other wants to save it. Who’s right?

As President, Barack Obama had what Politico called “an apology complex,” viewing America, it seems, as a nation with a criminal history and himself as the instrument of retribution. During his two terms in office, America-bashing — which had gone out of style with the end of the Vietnam War and hinted of treason after 9/11 (ask the Dixie Chicks) — was suddenly fashionable again. Of course, it never really ceased to exist, it just went underground.

But no longer.

America-bashing is now all the rage. Making its first bold modern-day appearance under President Obama, it has become a cause célèbre with the election of President Trump. Indeed, a hatred for Donald Trump and the “deplorables” he represents is what fuels it. Trump’s White House has become the flashpoint in a winner-take-all contest featuring two very different visions for America.

One group sees America’s wealth, power, and influence as an accident of history.  For them, the idea of “American Exceptionalism” is not only dead, it is offensive…

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