Another Terrorist Attack: Manchester, England

Last night saw yet another terrorist attack.  This time attendees of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England were targeted as they left the event venue.  Manchester authorities believe the terrorist was a suicide bomber who detonated himself amidst the crowd, killing 22 and injuring no less than 59.  Those horrible numbers are likely to increase.  They usually do.  But what is unlikely to change is Europe’s response to terrorism.

Consider for a moment the ways in which life in the West has changed since 9/11 in an attempt to prevent further attacks:

  • Because airplanes were weaponized in the 9/11 attacks, pilot training, licenses, and flight paths are more carefully regulated.  Airport security is increased.  Liquids, sharp objects, and many other luggage items are banned.  Doors to cockpits are made impenetrable.
  •  Because automobiles were used in the Nice, Berlin, London, and Stockholm attacks, automobiles are henceforth banned in parts of many of those cities.
  • Because firearms were used at Fort Hood, Toulouse, San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, etc. access to them has been restricted or altogether outlawed.

And yet none of these measures addresses the source of the problem.  What is the common thread in all of these terrorist attacks?  Planes?  No.  Automobiles?  No.  Guns?  No.  These are just the means of terrorism, they aren’t the cause of it.  It would be a bit like taking similar steps to prevent kamikaze attacks on US ships in the Pacific during the 1940s.  Sounds silly, right?  Until emperor-worshipping Imperial Japan was defeated and the whole culture of that country changed, the attacks were never going to stop.

So it is here.  The common thread is Islam.  Not Christianity, not Buddhism, not even whacky Scientology.  Islam.

Until people hold their politicians accountable and demand that they protect them from the steady influx of a people who mean to slaughter them, this will not stop.  On the contrary, the headlines will continue to have a terrible similarity.  The places and the means will change, but the source of the evil will not.

Pray for the people of Britain who were injured or lost loved ones last night.  Let us also pray that the West opens its eyes.

Image Credit: Flickr

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