Bullied into Silence

Bullying is a cause célèbre these days. Hollywood actors, elite NFL and NBA athletes, and even the President of the United States have all done commercials condemning it. This is, of course, a good thing. If you have ever been on the receiving end of bullying, you know how awful it can be. In the aftermath of the elevator video of NFL running back Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious with a right hook, domestic abuse was part of the campaign’s focus. That is appropriate. Bullying in schools via Facebook and other social media has also received some attention. That, too, is good.

But there is another kind of bullying that is pervasive in our culture. It takes place daily in our schools, universities, government, media, and is especially prevalent in almost anything Hollywood produces. It gets worse every year and is sanctioned at the highest levels of our nation. Indeed, it is visible throughout the Western World. What is it?

It is the hateful, prejudicial, bigoted, ignorant, anti-intellectual, God-hating, anti-Christian rhetoric that we see and hear daily.

A Muslim might slaughter a dozen innocent people, behead Christians on a beach, fly planes into buildings murdering thousands, tweet “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” vow to destroy our way of life and so on, but God forbid that anyone float the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this religion offers a license to pillage, rape, and murder anyone who does not adhere to its strict dictates. The point isn’t that every Muslim is a terrorist or would-be terrorist. In fact, my point really isn’t about Islam at all. It is about the enemy within: The Cultural Left in the West that is willfully blind to anything that does not fit the way they conceive of the world; blinded chiefly by their hatred of Christianity, a hatred that has its roots in the so-called Enlightenment and Romanticism of centuries past. This blindness has led to the most egregious of policies and an inability to rightly judge what is happening in our culture.

Meanwhile, the bullying continues. Christians are, it is alleged, the real culprits, the real problem in the West. They are deemed oppressive, misogynistic, homophobic, narrow-minded, hateful, and just plain stupid. It is time that Christians get out of the pews and off the couch and begin to articulate what their faith is really about.

We cannot be bullied into silence any longer.

Image Credit: chotda

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