The Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics

In 2015, we launched the The Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics (FPI).  This summer-long program in Europe is designed to shape the hearts and minds of students through the identification of spiritual gifts, the development of a good work ethic, the molding of character, and the construction of a Christian worldview.

Don’t confuse this with summer camp out West or in the mountains of North Carolina.  Students are expected to make an investment in their own future that is comparable to that of the faculty.  This means that they are expected to come to class prepared, to learn what it means to serve others, and to contribute to the ministry of Labastide.  Some find this difficult in the early stages because they have never been expected to do anything for anyone other than themselves.  Once they discover their own Kingdom potential, however, you begin seeing genuine transformation.

This year’s FPI is well underway.  Having been through the early stages of the program, students are now experiencing the joy of serving one of our Christian Heritage Tour groups.  When they aren’t doing that, they are in the classroom learning from our stellar faculty.  Below are some photos from the last few days:

Above filmmaker Taylor Robinson speaks to the students on the use of the imagination and storytelling in proclaiming the Gospel

Author and radio host Eric Metaxas (above) speaks to the students on the life and Christian witness of William Wilberforce 

My dear friend John Lennox, an Oxford University Professor of Mathematics and, as I say, the C.S. Lewis of our time, joins Lauri and me for a nice meal in the ruins of a seventeenth century mill.  This meal also included all of our students, tour guests, and our FPI faculty.


Above, FPI faculty members John Lennox and Eric Metaxas enjoy a chat by the Labastide fireplace

Tour guests enjoy a beautiful dinner

Professor Lennox enjoys the fresh air and watches the students during a class break

We hope that you will pray for us as we invest in the next generation of Christian apologists, evangelists, and Christian laymen.  We also hope that you will give serious consideration to supporting this massive undertaking.  Fixed Point is making an enormous monetary investment in each of these students and we need your help to do it.  All gifts are tax deductible.

We also hope that you will consider participating in one of our Christian Heritage Tours or, if you are a high school or college student, perhaps applying for the 2018 Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics.  It will change your life!

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