Interesting Review and Triplets

This past week our office was buzzing with the activity generated by the release of my new book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Television, radio, and newspaper interviews filled the schedule. Of the many reviews of the book published this week, perhaps the most interesting one was that of Douglas Wilson in Christianity Today’s “Books & Culture.” Wilson, a pastor and a theologian, had a relationship with Christopher Hitchens that was very similar to my own. I have neither met nor talked to Wilson, but I was nonetheless curious what he would say about the book. Would his experiences confirm my own? Did he see some of the same things that I saw in Christopher? You can read his review here.

As I say, our office was a bit busy this week. The most important event this week were the births of Ben and Whitney Halbrooks’s triplets. Yeah. That’s what I said. Triplets. That means three kids at once. Some of you will know that Ben is our Creative Media Director and has been a central part of this ministry almost since its founding in 2004. Ben met Whitney in one of our Bible studies. Since they were married they have enjoyed the free and easy life of a happily married couple without children.

Those days are over. (That is, the free and easy part, not the happiness one hopes.)

Yes, sleep will be scarce as little Remi, Rylee, and Ruthie hit their house like a tornado—no, three tornadoes—and bring mayhem to the the once tranquil lives of their parents. I am confident that this will supply the rest of us with no small measure of amusement as we watch from a safe distance. I feel kind of like one of those guys in a concrete bunker, wearing the radiation suit and googles, and watching the detonation of a nuclear bomb on the far horizon. I think I see a mushroom cloud over Hoover!

On a serious note, the girls are, as triplets go, in good health, but will remain in the hospital for 3-6 weeks as they are premature. This will be hard on Ben and Whitney who will split time between the hospital and home. I am sure they would appreciate your prayers—and some diapers.

We are very happy for Ben and Whitney and extend to them our love and heartfelt congratulations!


Here Ben looks at his daughter, Rylee, who is the biggest of the litter. I was almost certain that I could hear her laughing as she counted the ways that she would mess with his heart, mind, and body. The man has no chance. Pray for him.

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