Is Islam a Peaceful Religion? Think Again

This article was originally published in The Christian Post.

If I were to ask you why Tom Cruise has a reputation for being a bit … eccentric, what would you say?

You’d probably say that it is because of his religion of choice: Scientology.

I would then say you are a racist. Yes, anyone who would say something like that is clearly bigoted against rich, white, Scientologist Hollywood action-hero types. Next thing you’ll be telling me that John Travolta is also a weirdo and…

Absurd, right?

Well, this is precisely where we find ourselves with the current debate—to the extent that there is any debate—on the twin issues of Islam and terrorism. Take the latest terrorist attack for example. Earlier today, gunmen entered a museum in Tunisia and, so far, 22 have been killed and many more taken hostage. Not surprising to anyone but the Cultural Left, the terrorists were Islamic militants.

No doubt this attack, like so many others before it, will generate endless discussion, head scratching, and handwringing about how something so terrible as this could happen. Pundits will then consider every possible explanation—Western imperialism, unemployment, a lack of dialogue and mutual understanding between peoples of diverse beliefs, no Starbucks in the mosque lobby—except the obvious one:


We will then be told that this is not representative of “true” Islam (it is, as you know, “a religion of peace”) and when the logic and rationality of this assertion is contrasted with the facts, those doing the questioning will be denounced as bigots or, to use the epithet currently in vogue, “Islamophobes”…  Click here to read the full article.

Image Credit: Usman Ahmed

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