Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

I’ll say what few are willing to say:

Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

This seems self evident to any sensible person.  I said it in this article for USA Today.  I said it again in this article for Christian Post.  And, in case that was not enough, I said it on Al Jazeera America in a debate aired to a global audience of some 260 million people.*

As of today, however, the British media has been told they are not to make this same observation.  According to The Daily Mail, the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) have recommended that the British government “bar news agencies from reporting the Muslim background of terrorists.”

Are all terrorist acts committed by Muslims?  Of course not.  Even so, the ECRI’s recommendation is nonetheless an implicit acknowledgement that Islam has a disproportionate number of adherents who believe that non-Muslims are to be terrorized and killed until they submit to Allah.

Oh, well, I really shouldn’t let this upset me so much.  The measure is largely pointless anyway.  I mean, when you heard …

… that 84 men, women and children were deliberately crushed under the tires a truck in Nice, France;

… when you heard that some 137 concert-goers in Paris had been shot;

… when you heard about 49 people being murdered in an Orlando bar;

… or when you heard the news of 32 people killed and more than 300 wounded in a Brussels airport bombing …

Did anyone really need to tell you that there was a high probability that the perpetrators were Muslim—or did you think the Amish did it?


Al Jazeera America’s domestic audience was a meager fifteen thousand, hence the network is dead and I offer a link only to a debate excerpt.