“Leftist Anarchy, not Fascism, is the Real Threat to Democracy” (The American Spectator)

At this moment, I am on assignment in Europe, a continent that, like America, seems more screwed-up with every visit. To escape the insanity that threatens to engulf us all, this morning I decided to work remotely from a small French town. Hammering away on my laptop, I sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast in a quaint little café. The coffee was good. So were the bacon and eggs. Fearing I would miss a critical news event — you know, like, say, the ransacking of a California university by students deeply concerned with the ideals of democracy — I put in my earbuds and listened to BBC Radio.

This was a mistake.

The brief tranquility of my world was punctured and my coffee made bitter by an interview with a man who warned of a populist “Trumpian fascism” in Britain and America. Yes, a new Hitler, he said, threatened the free world. This is a frequent refrain. Ashley Judd shouted it on the Washington Mall. Social media is bristling with the same. And pundits both here and in America love to say it. That narrative, however dear to the Left it may be, is ignorant and bears no semblance to the modern geopolitical reality in the Western world.

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Image Credit: EPA

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