Major Announcement: Around the World in 80 Days. Literally.

If America’s Not Great—Who Is?

The idea of “American Exceptionalism” is dead.  Some never tire of lecturing us about how out-of-step America is with the rest of the world and how she needs to get with it.  Worse, America, they say, is bad for the world.  Her freedom and prosperity are merely historical accidents.  Moreover, where America is exceptional—her Christian faith, patriotism, protection of her borders, and unwillingness to wholeheartedly embrace the environmentalist scare—is where America is at her worst and must change.

Of course, this narrative presupposes there are better places in the world to live.  Are there?  Were Alec Baldwin to leave the country permanently as he once promised, where would he go?

This autumn, I will circumnavigate the globe to see how America stacks up against the rest of the world.  Traveling West, I will visit 23 countries on six continents via plane, train, and automobile.  The journey will include such highlights as:

  • Japan, a post-War success story, transitioning from fanatical emperor-worship and feudalism to democracy and capitalism
  • New Zealand: Why are so many Americans moving there?
  • Hong Kong, a city 18 times more densely populated than New York City and an economic powerhouse
  • Russia: How can a country with such vast natural resources be so economically and politically backward?
  • Nigeria, the wealthiest nation in Africa and quite possibly the most dangerous and corrupt
  • Scandinavia, where, we are told, socialism works
  • China and India: The future, some say, of democracy and national greatness
  • France: Barack Obama’s model for America and the country with the best marketing in the world. Do the brochures match the reality?
  • Brazil: what prevents this country from making the jump from mediocre to good?
  • Britain, a country that is, in a sense, America fast-forwarded

Along the way, we will explore the question of national greatness.  Is it an accident of history or do nations determine their own fate?  Is it all about national and personal wealth?  Is religion a positive or a negative?

As we near America’s shores and Ellis Island, the port of entry for so many seeking hope and freedom from oppression, we will have a better perspective on the biggest question:

Is America truly great when measured against the rest of the world or do we join the lynch mob gathering at the feet of the Statue of Liberty and punish her for her sins?

As I travel the globe, you can follow my progress and see where I pop-up next by listening to The Rick & Bubba Show, The Eric Metaxas Show, and read the series of articles I will publish on the trip here on this blog and elsewhere.  You won’t want to miss this adventure!

Let the countdown begin!

Watch the trailer here.

Lady Liberty Around the World in 80 Days

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