I make a surprise appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay

For the uninitiated, ESPN’s College GameDay is a fixture for fans of the sport of college football.  It is also famous for the signs students make and put up behind the broadcasters.  Signs that say things like “Hillary deleted Saban’s personality” and “Gus Malzahn has small hands.”  GameDay attracts huge crowds as they travel around the country to key games.  Yesterday they were in Tuscaloosa.  Well, here was the scene. Notice anything?


Yes, my phone exploded as these signs began appearing.  I think the sign above is a loose quotation of Donald Trump in his third debate with Hillary Clinton.  Okay, very loose.


Above we see Alabama coach Nick Saban explain the meaning of the “Larry Taunton Lives” sign behind him: “Well, Lee, Larry had a bicycle accident when a car was offsides and took a cheap shot.  A flag really should have been thrown on that play.  But Larry is committed to ‘The Process.’  He went through Michael Shermer like **** through a tin horn.”


Don’t judge me.  I was hungry.  What can I say?


The combination of the two signs above on the left might be my favorite.  In addition to having third party confirmation that I am, in fact, alive, they emphatically declare that truth:  “Roll Damn Tide, Larry Taunton Lives!”


NBC Nightly News producer, Eric Marrapodi, must be a football fan.  He tweeted the photos above along with some very encouraging words.  Apparently he is also a reader of this blog because …


… Mr. Marrapodi then tweeted the above link to this blog and to the story of my accident and survival.  Very thoughtful.

So there you have it.  My (somewhat unconventional) appearance on College GameDay.

Roll Tide.

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