Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Meetings. We all have to attend them. Most of us hate them. It’s generally a time to check your mail and play Candy Crush while someone from Human Resources drones on about policy changes for 2016.

That used to be my world. But not now. Since founding Fixed Point Foundation in 2004, I have been meeting with some of the most fascinating people in the world. Okay, admittedly, some of my meetings are, in fact, boring. I recall a meeting with … well, I won’t say his name, but, man, was that guy a bore! And then there was whatsherface, the ultra-feminist, and I … I better not go there.

The point is, I do meet some interesting people and this trip to the UK was no different. I met with filmmakers, researchers, authors, scholars, scientists, and journalists. Notable among these were Professor Richard Dawkins of Oxford University and London journalist Peter Hitchens.

I have already blogged a bit about Peter and I urge you to listen to the podcast interview I did with him.

In all, it was a wonderful trip. London is a remarkable city and stimulates my thinking in a variety of ways. Now, we rest up a bit and prepare to head West for a series of engagements that begin this weekend. But first, I need to get well. Yes, I ate like a horse in London’s many restaurants, but somehow managed to lose seven pounds and get sick in the process. Go figure.

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