“A nation that loses its soul is in danger of losing its future”

Last night’s event “Saving America’s Future” was spectacular.  More than 800 people came out on this beautiful autumn evening in the South to hear Oxford University Professor John Lennox.  Lennox addressed the heavy topic now on every American’s mind:  the future in a time of social, political, and economic uncertainty.

The place was packed.  There are, I think,  a variety of reasons for this:  John Lennox is a powerful speaker; Fixed Point is known for hosting fabulous events; and the topic is timely.  But I think the primary reason is that people are looking for hope in this time of great instability.

The crowd fell silent as Professor Lennox took the stage.  He began by pointing out that America’s problem is not unique.  Britain, his home, finds itself in very much the same situation.  There is a deep divide separating British people over the recent “Brexit” vote.  Americans are similarly divided.  There is an identity crisis not only regarding what it means to be an American, but what it means to be human.  “What are humans for?”  He asked.  God and man give very different answers to that question.


John compared our present political situation to that of Israel in the time of Daniel.  The things of God were, like now, neglected and profaned.  Nebuchadnezzar didn’t believe in God any more than our current leaders do.  He wrote Him out of the life of his government in much the same way that Europeans did in their own constitution:  “The European Constitution contains some 70,000 words,” Lennox observed, “and not one of them is God.”


“But if they think they can ignore him forever, they are wrong.  He will return and call all to give an account for their actions.”

Turning to a hopeful note, Lennox then reminded the audience that Christians in the New Testament lived under oppressive regimes guided by such figures as Augustus Caesar, Herod the Great, Nero, Caligula, Pontius Pilate and others.  Christians were persecuted, had few rights, no vote, could not run for public office, and were even killed for their faith—and yet Christianity flourished, eventually converting the emperor himself.  He concluded with these powerful words:  “God has dealt with bigger problems before.”  The audience, grateful not only for this presentation, but also for this man’s legacy of faith, stood in a spontaneous ovation.

I then joined Professor Lennox on the stage, discussing with him the many issues he had raised.  The entire presentation will eventually be available on this site.  Stay tuned for details.


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