Speaking in Oxford with Professor John Lennox

As many of you will recall, in October we once again hosted silver tongued Irishman John Lennox.  John is Professor of Pure Mathematics & Philosophy of Science at Green-Templeton College, Oxford University.  It was a friendly visit, but I simply could not let John come to Birmingham without sharing him with you, so we put together an event called “Saving America’s Future” just before the U.S. Presidential election.  More than 800 were in attendance.  An impressive turnout for a week night lecture in downtown Birmingham.

Now it was my turn to visit Oxford.  John arranged for me to speak to his students.  They were a bright and cheery lot from all over the world.  They were the kind of students who lean in when you start speaking.  They listened carefully, took notes, asked thoughtful questions, and then I signed books and stayed for a photo or two.

John Lennox and I enjoy conversation before my lecture to his students in Oxford.

In the coming days and weeks I will tell you more about this trip.  You will, I think, find it very interesting.

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