Oxford University

It’s a wet, chilly day here in Britain. As I write, I am on my way to Oxford University where I will be filmed narrating a number of pieces-to-camera that provide background to one of the most fascinating intellectual and religious rivalries of modern times: Richard Dawkins (atheist) vs. John Lennox (a Christian). Since the idea of these two debating one another was my idea, and since I was both organizer and occasional moderator of these events, I know the backstory better than anyone. And that story, I can tell you, is as good as the debates themselves.

The two men, both Professors at Oxford University, first met one another on a stage in Birmingham, Alabama in 2007. That debate, “The God Delusion Debate,” was heard by well over a million people around the world. The following year they met again. Twice. First in a private conversation that I moderated at Trinity College, Oxford, and then under the T-Rex at a visually spectacular event at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. After a cessation of hostilities of some four years, the two combatants met yet again on the set of Charlie Rose’s Show in New York City.

What happened?

Well, that’s the story I’m traveling to Oxford to tell.

Image Credit: Tejvan Pettinger

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