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Passing the Plate (Part 4)

My fourth entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… Committed to Scripture? As Evangelicals we are proud of our commitment to Scripture. We speak of it often.  We sing hymns proclaiming it.  Many a sermon has been preached on it.  And we are quick to note that it is the thing that separates us … Read more

Passing the Plate (Part 3)

My third entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… In my previous blog we considered the first of two practices that seem to dominate organizational thinking when it comes to Christian fundraising.  Here we consider the second: the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach. According to this school of thought, a church or ministry says … Read more

Passing the Plate (Part 2)

My second entry on the subject of Christian giving and fundraising… The Polarity of Fundraising Practices: The problem of fundraising is not unique to Christian ministries.  Every non-profit, Christian or otherwise, is faced with budget dilemmas. The principles that shape Christian fundraising strategies, however, should not be contrary to those we see in Scripture.  Unfortunately, one … Read more

A Failure to Communicate

Technology and the Destruction of Language It is interesting to observe how technology is changing the way we communicate.  I recall the first time I saw what was then called a “car phone.” It was on the seventies television show “The Magician” starring Bill Bixby.  Bixby’s character, Tony Blake, drove a Corvette with a phone … Read more

Signs and Omens

How many of you are familiar with the television show Crossing Over with John Edwards or its sequel Cross Country? These programs have been quite successful. Host and “spiritual medium” John Edwards – not to be confused with the presidential candidate or the preacher of the “Great Awakenings” – claims to be able to channel the spirits of deceased … Read more