A Richly Blessed Summer

This summer has been truly and richly blessed.  Why?  Because we have spent it intensely investing in the next generation of Christians.  Following Jesus’ model of not simply speaking to the masses, but also preparing those who would follow in His steps, we have done likewise, preparing those young men and women who will come after us.  That means teaching them, mentoring them, and, yes, even correcting them so that they might be successful and fruitful Christians.

Our faculty who have joined us in this endeavor are themselves successful and fruitful Christians: filmmaker Taylor Robinson; Professor John Lennox of Oxford University; author Eric Metaxas; biblical scholar Erika Moore; radio host C.L. Bryant; Islamicist Jay Smith; professional rugby star Roland Bernard; and apologist Brian Mattson.

We have seen students come to know Jesus Christ.  We have seen students grow in faith by leaps and bounds.  We have seen glimpses of those who will take the Christian faith to the next generation.  Please join us in praying for them.  We hope you will assist us in continuing this very important part of our ministry.  It is costly, but the investment is yielding a spiritual return.

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