Rumors, Internet Trolls, and Twitter Nonsense

My new book, The Faith of Christopher of Christopher Hitchens, has been out for one week and it has created quite a stir. As readers of this blog will know, it has received glowing reviews from writer/speaker Ravi Zacharias; NYT bestselling author Eric Metaxas; MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews; Oxford University Professor John Lennox; NYT bestselling author Paul Reid; The Gospel Coalition; Christianity Today, and many others.

Of course, all of these people have this in common: they actually read the book.

Due to provocatively titled headlines suggesting the book is about Christopher Hitchens making a deathbed conversion to Christianity, the Internet and Twitter are abuzz with squeals of joy from Christians and scurrilous accusations against me from atheists. To both sides I can only say this: read the book. I quote from the book (i.e., from myself): “I make no Lady Hope-like claims regarding Christopher Hitchens.” (Lady Hope famously claimed, some 32 years after Darwin’s death, that the naturalist converted on his deathbed. There is little evidence to substantiate this claim.)

This book is, as Chris Matthews rightly characterized it, “A beautiful book about a man who only wrote beautifully.” It is a story of friendship. As an interviewer put it, “It’s Thelma & Louise man-style.” That is closer to the mark. It is about two people of opposite worldviews who nonetheless enjoyed each other’s company and took two long, intellectually stimulating, sometimes humorous, and always entertaining road trips together.

So to my atheist readers (and Christian and whatever), I say this again: read the bookIf I had set out to write a story of fiction, I would have written the ending much differently than how this story ends. So I urge you to read it rather than “judging a book by its cover.”

Image Credit: Oliver Tacke

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