Saving America’s Future… with an Irishman!

(Above: John Lennox enjoys beautiful Lake Martin with the Taunton family.)

Oxford University Professor of Mathematics, John Lennox, arrived looking like a stereotype for someone in his line of work. A somewhat disheveled figure with hair at the periphery and styled in the manner of a feather duster, he had reading glasses hanging around his neck and a pocket filled with pens. His expression was one of a man whose mind is too busy solving mysteries of the universe that he can’t be bothered with worrying about things that occupy mere mortals.

Except John Lennox doesn’t fit the stereotype.

Yes, he speaks five languages and, yes, he possesses Ph.D.s from Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Wales (apparently, he collects them in his spare time the way some people collect stamps). And it must be admitted that he likes bird watching and astronomy while also having no interest whatsoever in sports. These things notwithstanding, I still insist that he does not fit the stereotype.

You see, in addition to the above, John is an amateur pianist and musician. Unlike many academics that venture into other disciplines, he is a gifted theologian and expositor of Scripture. He is, moreover, the only academic I know that I could put on “The Rick & Bubba Show” and not only be understood by the hosts and the audience, but also become one of their most beloved guests! And that is because John Lennox has a remarkable ability to communicate with ordinary people or, if necessary, with people like Stephen Hawking.

A former student of C.S. Lewis when both were at Cambridge University in the early 1960s, Lennox has acquired the great apologist’s gift for combining his considerable academic attainments with his impressive theological depth and, hardest of all, communicating those big ideas humorously, winsomely, and powerfully to diverse audiences. There is a reason why I have called him “the C.S. Lewis of our time.”

safsqThis weekend John pays a visit to my family and me. It is one that he has been planning since my accident last autumn. But I simply could not let him visit without sharing him with you. So, on Monday at 6:30 pm in Birmingham, Alabama, Professor Lennox will speak to a packed house and you have the rare opportunity to hear this lion of the faith. But a reservation is required and we have taken more than six hundred reservations in the last two weeks. Even so, a few seats remain.

Reserve your seat here.

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