“Socrates in the City” at Labastide

Good morning from Europe!

As you may know, the annual Fixed Point Institute for Applied Apologetics (FPI) is well underway.  As mentioned in my previous post, this summer-long program in Europe is designed to shape the hearts and minds of students through the identification of spiritual gifts, the development of a good work ethic, the molding of character, and the construction of a Christian worldview.

Why Europe?

Because the great challenges facing this and future generations of Americans are secularism and Islam.  Those twin issues just wouldn’t seem sufficiently real were we discussing them with students in, say, the mountains of North Carolina or somewhere out West.  But in Europe?  Oh, yes.  They seem quite real.

Last week Labastide was host to a very special event.  In addition to the FPI and a group of visitors from the US, my friend Eric Metaxas, the bestselling author of Bonhoeffer, brought his Socrates in the City (SITC) program from Manhattan to the estate.  Over the course of a very full day, he hosted and filmed four SITC programs: two with Christian author and Oxford University Professor of Mathematics, John Lennox (who was here as a member of the FPI faculty); one featuring Professor Lennox and me; and finally one with me alone.

All of them were filmed in the beautiful gardens of Labastide (and with the equally beautiful furniture of Summer Classics!).  Fortunately, the weather was nice if unusually chilly.  Below you will find a few photographs from the day.  These interviews will be aired on US television.  Stay tuned to this blog for further details.


Above, Eric Metaxas welcomes guests and introduces the event.

Professor Lennox hams it up for the camera as he waits to be called to the stage.

Eric Metaxas interviews Professor John Lennox.

Our guests prepare to enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant.

Eric Metaxas interviews Professor Lennox and me in the romantic ruins of an old seventeenth century French mill.

Students and guests had the opportunity to serve as the audience for these interviews.  I think they found them both entertaining and stimulating.

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to fulfill our mission.  It has been a very busy summer and even while we are doing such things as those mentioned above, we are gearing-up for what may be our most ambitious project yet!  Read about it here.


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