Debating Muslims at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park

Recently I joined a team of British scholars/evangelists who specialize in confronting and evangelizing Islamic radicals in London. Every Sunday, they make their way down to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park to preach the Gospel and to take on critics of the Christian faith. In America, we simply don’t have anything quite like this. But Britain enjoys a rich tradition of spirited public debate, and nowhere is that tradition more evident than in Speakers’ Corner. You can get a glimpse into that team’s missions work here:

But that’s not all. I think so highly of the work of this team of British missionaries that I decided to invite them to Birmingham and share them with you. So if you live in Birmingham, we have two very special events. The first is tonight (Tuesday March 7th).

That event is “Understanding Islamic Terrorism.” Find details and register for our Tuesday evening event here.

Then, on Thursday March 9th, we will host a Latimer House Luncheon on “Evangelizing British Muslims.” Find details and register for Thursday’s event here.

You will not want to miss these events!  Trust me.

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