The Uprising of the Scorned

I am currently in Southern California for a speaking engagement.  Sitting in my hotel room watching Alabama steamroll Mississippi State at 9:30 this morning (Pacific Time makes for early kickoffs), I got a little bored and read this superb article by Melanie Phillips.  Melanie is, in my opinion, a rock star columnist.  She gets it.  She writes for The Times (of London) and The Jerusalem Post and divides her time between London and Jerusalem.

This column offers the best analysis of the seismic shift we witnessed last Tuesday night in the United States.  Indeed, it is so spot-on that one might have thought Melanie was writing from a Red State instead of Jerusalem.  The political, cultural, and media establishment in this country still does not understand what the election of Donald Trump means.  Melanie, who isn’t even an American, explains it to them.  Let’s hope they are listening.

You can read the full article here.

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