Trump? Hillary? Third Party? How Should a Christian Vote?

Yesterday I published this article in The American Spectator.  Studies suggest that people only read headlines or a paragraph or two, but not whole articles, and, well, I believe those studies are on to something.  My book earlier this year is a startling example of this phenomenon.  But my column in The American Spectator confirmed that fact.

If you haven’t read the article, read it and then come back here.  I will wait.


Several people read–pardon me, didn’t read–that article and wasted no time in firing-off emails to me or posting comments in the online forum beneath the article and assumed I was saying one of the following:

  • Don’t vote for Trump
  • Vote for Hillary
  • Don’t vote at all

I said nothing of the sort.  Nothing.  Dear reader, I am all for Christians voting and participating in the political process.  I have voted in every presidential election since my 18th birthday and I have done so with enthusiasm.  By all means, vote.  And vote your conscience.  I hope that conscience will be informed by Christian principles.  The central point of the article is this:

Voting, whatever its merits, is not the same thing as fulfilling The Great Commission.  The only way this country is going to have lasting change is if Christians abandon their strategy of the last half-century–a strictly political strategy–and return to the one Christ and the Apostles modeled.  Did they preach a program of rebellion?  Did they seek to depose the Roman emperors?  Were trying to establish a democracy?  No.  They preached the hope of the Gospel.

The American church is huge.  It is a sleeping giant.  Should it ever awaken to its real calling, it will change this country bottom-up, not with legislation, but one heart and mind at a time.  Don’t confuse The Great Commission with voting.  They aren’t the same thing.

On Saturday I will post an article in this blog that I published with CNN.  In it I tell you how Jesus would vote.  Intrigued?  Stay tuned.

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