“Trump’s Promise to Keep Americans Safe” (The American Spectator)

While Charles Schumer weeps and lawyers are deployed; as protesters protest and accusations fly — amidst all of the general hysteria about President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, let’s pause, take a deep breath, and for a moment consider the apparent purpose of the order itself:

To keep Americans safe.

That’s another way of saying, “insure domestic Tranquility.” It’s the kind of thing you want your president thinking about and using his powers to do. It is precisely what Obama did not do. On the contrary, Obama’s immigration policy adopted an adversarial posture to decades of U.S. immigration law and sought to defang border enforcement agencies. Moreover, it saw the massive importation of a people who have proved dangerous to ideals cherished by the West while simultaneously ignoring one of the great human rights disasters of our time for — dare I say it? — bigoted reasons. Trump is simply putting a freeze on these practices until a sensible immigration policy can be implemented.

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