“Who are you voting for, Larry?”

As the head of a nonprofit, I cannot legally answer that question.  Or, to be more precise, I cannot endorse a candidate.  But I will tell you the sort of person for whom I cannot vote:

Someone who will empower abortionists.

Abortion—and let’s just dispense with the euphemisms and call it what it is: murder—is barbaric and a great stain upon our nation’s honor.  It is to sacrifice a child on the altar of greed, selfishness, stupidity, ignorance, cruelty and, above all, self-deception.  Since 1973, 54 MILLION children have been killed with the blessing of U.S. federal law.  That’s seven Holocausts.  How a murderous organization like Planned Parenthood could survive after a wave of videos uncovered their evil baby-killing and baby-part-selling machinery is astonishing to me.  But then again, it shouldn’t be.  They are protected by Washington.

For me, there are many things that I consider negotiable in a candidate: his economic policy, his foreign policy, his position on nuclear weapons and healthcare—these things are nuanced.  Some variation is to be expected.  But a candidate’s position on abortion is not negotiable for me.

So there you have it.


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