The Grace Effect

The Grace Effect:
How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief

“Simply defined, the ‘grace effect’ is an observable phenomenon―that life is demonstrably better where authentic Christianity flourishes.

What does Christianity give us beyond televangelists, potlucks, and bad basketball leagues? Not much, according to the secular Left. The world, they say, would be a better place without it.

Historian and Christian apologist Larry Alex Taunton has spent much of his career refuting just this sort of thinking, but when he encounters Sasha, a golden-haired Ukranian orphan girl whose life has been shaped by atheistic theorists, he discovers an unlikely champion for the transforming power of grace.

Through the narrative of Sasha’s redemption, we see the false promises of socialism; the soul-destroying influence of unbelief; and how a society cultivates its own demise when it rejects the ultimate source of grace.  We see, in short, the kind of world the atheists would give us: a world without Christianity―cold, pitiless, and graceless.

And yet, as Sasha shows us, it is a world that is not beyond the healing power of “the grace effect.”  Occasionally infuriating, often amusing, but always inspiring, The Grace Effect will have you cheering for the courageous little girl who shamed the academic elitists of our day.

“Brilliant, deeply moving.” – Eric Metaxas, best-selling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Praise for The Grace Effect

A #1 Pick of Townhall Magazine


“In The Grace Effect — Larry Taunton’s deeply moving and personal story of how his family adopted a Ukrainian girl — we behold the staggering contrast between a culture suffused with Christian faith and one that has utterly rejected it.  Atheists must assiduously avoid exposure to stories like this one.  If you’ve ever been unsure of how much good Christianity does in the world, read this book.”

– Eric Metaxas, New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio host

Gayle Trotter

“A very, very powerful book.”

– Gayle Trotter, First Things

Dinesh D'Souza

“What would a world without Christianity look like? We don’t have to guess because such a world does exist: it exists in the current and former Communist bloc. Through the inspiring story of a little girl born in Eastern Europe and now living in America, Larry Taunton draws a sharp contrast between the life-giving influence of Christianity and the worn out theories of atheism and radical secularism.  The effect–The Grace Effect–is nothing less than powerful and moving.”

– Dinesh D’Souza, best-selling author of What’s So Great About Christianity

Olivera Petrovich

“Larry Taunton’s book is a captivating account of a grim reality with a truly gracious ending. It is a must read for anyone pondering adoption from the former Eastern European Bloc.”

– Dr. Olivera Petrovich, research psychologist, University of Oxford

Herbie Newell

“Larry Taunton weaves together a wonderful narrative about a very true journey of adoption, redemption, and grace. I consumed this book on a recent flight to visit orphans in Colombia. During my journey through the pages, I could smell the smells and see the faces of the children. Larry vigorously defends the Gospel through the redemption and adoption of his baby girl Sasha, a former orphan from Ukraine and does it so masterfully, it just might bring you to tears.”

– Herbie Newell, Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services

Benjamin Wiker

“In his most moving Grace Effect, Larry Taunton reminds us that our lives are the best arguments for what we really believe, and that, whatever the outcome of this or that debate between atheists and Christians in the lecture hall, Christians win hands down against atheists when it comes to how the rival arguments are lived out in the details of real charity, real mercy, real sacrifice, the actual treatment of widows and especially orphans… I most highly recommend it!”

– Dr. Benjamin Wiker, author of Ten Books That Screwed Up the World

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