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The Corruption of Unbelief

What would the world look like without Christianity?  Fixed Point’s own Larry Taunton joins Dan Merchant on “Live from Seattle” to discuss his upcoming book, The Grace Effect.  Recounting his own personal story of traveling to Ukraine to adopt ten-year-old Sasha, Taunton weaves a compelling narrative that demonstrates the culturally enriching power of Christianity. Duration: … Read more

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Is God Hiding?

Just before debating Princeton Bioethicist Peter Singer in Australia, Oxford Scientist John Lennox appeared on Melbourne Talk Radio with Fixed Point’s Executive Director, Larry Taunton. They discussed why someone would believe in God, what evidences there are for believing, and perhaps the hardest problem we face: the problem of evil. Duration: 12:01


John 3:16 Ad Rejected

Larry Taunton talks to Matt McClure of Currents Catholic TV about FOX Sports’ rejection of Fixed Point’s LookUp 3:16 Super Bowl commercial promoting a simple message of hope.  After being turned down, the ad went viral, being featured by major news outlets from The New York Times to The Huffington Post and many more. Duration: … Read more