Churchill, the Last Lion with Paul Reid

Winston Churchill died in 1965, and the world hasn’t seen another statesman like him since. He was, in the words of Churchill biographer William Manchester, The Last Lion. Not only is he regarded by many as the savior of the Western world, he saw the West and its culture as something worth saving. It was, he thought, necessary for the stability of the world itself. These days, such sentiments seem quaint, even prejudicial. For his part, Churchill was unapologetic. Indeed, one wonders what strong words the Great Man might have for our generation.

The most highly regarded biographies of Winston Churchill are those of Martin Gilbert and William Manchester. Manchester’s The Last Lion was intended to be a trilogy, but he grew too ill to complete the third volume before his death in 2004. He left the task in the hands of a friend, Paul Reid, who completed the long-awaited book in 2012. Listen in as Larry Taunton sits down to dinner with Reid for a lively discussion on the real Churchill, warts and all.

Duration: 51 minutes


Image Credit: Janick G

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