Around the World in 80 Days, Day 16: 9-11, Okinawa, and Remembering Who We Once Were

The burst of our own artillery shells was clearly discernible as they landed on the hill in billows of flame and smoke and the whistle that accompanied them and then the boom of the guns in the rear.  Our ears were filled with the din of the battle and the smell of gunpowder penetrated our … Read more

American Flag

Is America Worth Saving? (The Christian Post)

In case you missed it, read Larry’s latest article published in The Christian Post: One side wants to burn America to the ground Ferguson-style; the other wants to save it. Who’s right? As President, Barack Obama had what Politico called “an apology complex,” viewing America, it seems, as a nation with a criminal history and … Read more


I have a list of things I don’t like about America. Should I take a knee, too?

This article was originally published by Fox News. San Francisco Forty-Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem has been discussed ad nauseam. Yes, I’m tired of it, too. But as of Sunday there is a new angle to this still developing story. Sunday marked the first full day of the NFL … Read more