Coach Belichick

Imagining Bill Belichick Analyzing Film of the Left’s Strategy

Published on February 2, 2017. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was the man I’d been looking for. I needed keen insights, and only he could provide them. Belichick was famous for analyzing the game film of opposing teams, identifying their strategies and beating them. His team, once again, was about to play … Read more

Amy Schumer

Be it from the Left or the Right, Hate is Still Hate

Prior to this election cycle I had never heard of stand-up comedienne Amy Schumer.  No doubt she is very funny, and I simply don’t watch the shows or movies in which she appears.  But these days she is a minor public celebrity.  From what I can gather, Schumer’s act is Rosie O’Donnell-esque and she enjoys, … Read more

Bendable Jesus

“Bendable Jesus”

A friend saw this product over the weekend.  It’s a “Bendable, Poseable Jesus of Nazareth” toy.  What a fitting metaphor.  My friend had this to say of it: “Perfect for millennials. They can bend him to conform to whatever they like.”  Amusing, and, well, kinda true.  But I will defend millennials on this point.  People … Read more

The Rick & Bubba Show

Larry Taunton joins The Rick and Bubba Show in studio for a fascinating discussion of Islam, Christianity, his recent debate on Al Jazeera, and more. Why will almost no one – including Western leaders – acknowledge the link between violence and Islam? Does the Koran endorse terrorism – or peace? Are militant groups like ISIS just fringe extremists? And what about Christianity’s “violent history?” Audio available here.